5 Key Ways To Improve Your Memory And Keep It Strong

Up until now we’ve considered routine to be a good thing. However, daily routine can cause us to lose neural connections. Repeating the same process over and over embeds those specific memories because they’re cumulative. Meanwhile other information isn’t as simple to retain and recall unless you’re paying attention. So you lose it.

We live in a fast paced world and we are often tempted to multitask. Unfortunately that means we leave many things unfinished. And we often are not focused enough to retain important information.


If you’re having an important conversation or meeting with someone then repeat or paraphrase what the other person says. If possible, write it down. Try a variety of different ways to improve your ability to make neural connections. For instance, when you meet someone new, repeat his or her name as you shake their hand.

While it's not possible to do that in the same way with digital media, you can still repeat names and information. And you can take notes. If you’re caught up in thinking while someone is giving you information, it may be difficult to focus on what they're saying. It’s also vital to ensure that you understand. How can you process new information and store it effectively if you don’t understand what is being said?


Sleep is very important. In fact, when it comes to sleep, routine is key. Follow the same routine before bed. Go to bed at the same time every night, and get up at the same time. Even if you’re on vacation, or it’s your day off, set your alarm and get up to keep your sleep cycle right.

Trauma, disease, memory issues, mental health, etc. They all hit your sleep first. If you have difficulty sleeping, try a bath before bed, or a cup of chamomile tea. Take any steps you can to get restorative sleep. Think about the last time you had a restless night and remember how you felt the next day. You probably had trouble focusing. You likely had memory difficulties along with nagging fatigue. Everything probably seemed to take much longer than it should have.

New Ways To Think

If you don’t use it, you will lose it. Crosswords, Sudoku, and brain teasers are an excellent way to improve your cognitive ability. However, you need to change it up, because if you only ever do crosswords other brain connections will die.

We need to have a balanced life, filled with new routines, new friends, a range of conversation, and even different routes on your morning cycle or run. The connections that are used will get stronger, but the rest will die off -- unless you mix it up.

Reduce Stress

This may be the most difficult task. We know that stress has an impact on concentration, and the ability to listen, store, and recover information. Since there’s no way to avoid all the stresses of life, learn to breathe properly.

Controlled breathing allows you to take back control over your brain. Proper breathing isn’t going to make your boss less annoying, or unclog your toilet. What it will do, though, is provide you with a coping mechanism to reduce your stress levels.


Your diet doesn’t just impact your weight and health. It also affects your brain. A diet high in vitamins and minerals, especially Omega-3 fatty acids, will make a difference. Look at your diet. Are you making wise decisions and ensuring you have a healthy balance of protein, fruits, and vegetables each day? If not, you might be negatively impacting your memory.

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