Asobu Flavor It Glass Water Bottle with Fruit Flavor Infuser Review

Asobu Flavour It Glass Water Bottle with Fruit Flavor Infuser

Hydration is an essential yet often neglected part of a healthy lifestyle. Nutritionists recommend we drink at least eight glasses of water a day. But let’s be honest. Water is not exactly pleasing to the taste-buds so how many of us actually remember to drink that much water? And even then, is your plastic sipper bottle doing you more harm than good?

The Asobu Glass Water Bottle can solve each of these dilemmas by giving you an attractive and healthy alternative to plain old water without the risk of BPA seepage.

Features of the Asobu Flavor It Glass Water Bottle

There’s really nothing else to say about this 20 oz. water bottle except that it’s a stunning work of art. You’ll want to carry it everywhere, show it off to friends and colleagues, and then gulp a few mouthfuls of water down to prove that your spanking new bottle is as functional as it is pretty. Call it a self-fulfilling prophesy, if you would, but this Asobu Flavor It Glass Water Bottle truly makes you drink more water per day by adding a unique twist to your daily water intake.

It’s also easy to wash, dishwasher-friendly, stain resistant, 100% BPA-free, and you’ll get to play around with yummy-flavored water each day with its special fruit infuser feature.

Is the Asobu Flavor It Glass Water Bottle Worth Buying?

Do I have to say it? Yes; definitely! There are so many things this water bottle offers. For example:

  • ​BPA is what coats plastic giving it that glossy appearance. Of course, there are growing concerns that it can seep into food and drinks and cause serious health effects. While international food organizations maintain that BPA is safe, is it really worth the risk? Stop buying plastic. Invest in the Absobu Flavor It Glass Water Bottle instead.
  • You can have your water plain and pure or insert the fruit infuser to add a little healthy flavor. You can get really creative with mint leaves and lemon slices, fresh or frozen berries, strawberry and kiwi, melon and lime, etc.
  • It looks fantastic on your desk. You won't have to hide it away like the rest of your ugly plastic bottles. And since you'll have this bottle in sight, you'll be more likely to reach for  that all important hydration.
  • Your body can mistake thirst for hunger. As a result, you end up snacking unnecessarily. But if you sip water regularly during the day, you'll feel fuller for longer. A mouthful of tangy, fruit infused water is a much nicer prospect than a glass of plain tap water. With fruit-flavored water, you're far more likely to beat those imaginary hunger pangs.
  • This is a quality, lasting product unlike the thruway plastic garbage that often ends up in landfills and our oceans, killing precious marine life while polluting the environment. By choosing sustainable glass products, you'll be doing yourself and the environment a favor.


The only downside to this bottle is that a few consumers reportedly found it difficult to drink from. As always, this boils down to a matter of opinion because so many others have raved about this bottle!


With growing concerns over the safety of BPA for humans and marine life in particular, it makes sense to turn to a quality glass product. The Asobu Flavor It Glass Water Bottle is better for the environment and better for your health. It’s attractive, convenient, and allows you to add a fruity tang to your water, making you much more likely to get the hydration your body desperately needs.

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