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Make Those Holiday Dishes Healthier

​It’s Christmas Eve!I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays. I know a few people who are still doing their shopping. It seems a little late but I hear the sales are great.Now if you’re someone who’s big on holiday cooking I know you’re making those meals nutritious and delicious. I myself am bigger on the […]

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I Am Here Now: A Creative Mindfulness Guide and Journal Book Review

As you may already know, mindfulness promotes living in the present moment, forgiving yourself, and no longer dwelling on the past, or stressing about the future. By being more mindful, you are better able to relax, reduce stress and anxiety, and live a happier life overall. But mindfulness takes practice. One way to learn how […]

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Your Blood Pressure — An Important Update!

New Blood Pressure GuidelinesDid you know that new blood pressure guidelines were released 2 days ago?While you might not have been diagnosed with hypertension last week, this week may be a very different story.You May Now Have HypertensionIf your blood pressure is 130/80 you now have hypertension. That comes from the American Heart Association and […]

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