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Eat Your Berries — They’re Superfoods

We know how beneficial berries can be for our brains. What about the rest of our bodies? Our hearts, for example…Those same anthocyanins that combat oxidation and inflammation in your brain do the same elsewhere. Those two are demons that have a hand in many chronic diseases — heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, etc.In […]

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High Blood Pressure — Risk Factor for Stroke

​I’ve seen a lot of patients with strokes recently. New strokes — both ischemic, (not enough oxygen carrying blood reaches the brain), and hemorrhagic, (bleeding in the brain), complications from strokes that already happened, even a new stroke while recovering from a recent stroke. This is not good, people.That last case is especially sad. The […]

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What I Did Last Week

I didn’t get to write much last week. I spent most of my time running around the hospital, in and out of the operating room, the OR.One day in the OR I took out a big lumbar, (lower back), herniated disc, caused by a work injury.Two days later I took a massive blood clot, an […]

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Are You At Risk For Stroke?

May is National Stroke Awareness Month or American Stroke Month. The American Stroke Association is a division of the American Heart Association. May is their annual campaign time to increase stroke awareness and teach people that stroke is largely preventable, treatable and beatable.For some reason people don’t think of stroke as a major health issue. […]

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