The Dangers of Long Distance Flights

Well, if you have been receiving the “Say No To Stroke!” newsletter, you know that I recently traveled to Kauai, Hawaii. Before and during my trip I took the time to thoroughly research the latest and greatest info and tips to stay healthy. I used them all and passed them on to you in the last email. (If you signed up but haven’t received any emails, please check your spam filters. You may have to whitelist saynotostroke.com, or check with your email service or internet service provider (ISP)).

I had a great time. I got the clothes right, what to pack when you’re leaving freezing cold, snowy country for the sunny 70s. I also knew just what to wear traveling from the cold to Paradise and back again. I kept my legs moving during the two 6 hour flights so I wouldn’t get any leg blood clots, (deep vein thrombosis).  As for jet lag, despite being tired after waking up at 3 AM and traveling for more than 12 hours, I stayed up when I got there since it was sunny and bright, and only 4 in the afternoon. (Back home it was 9 PM). But, remember the colds and flu? Well, no matter how many times you wash your hands and use that hand sanitizer, the odds are against you when the flight attendant is the one coughing and sneezing. And that’s what happened!

I drank extra water the day before leaving, knowing the plane’s air humidity would be low. I washed my hands before each flight. I used my hand sanitizer. But remember how your risk of becoming infected is more likely if you are sitting within 2 rows of an infected person on a flight of 8 hours or more? Well, the flight was only 6 hours but the flight attendant was all over the place, pushing the cart, handing out beverages, etc. You know how they seat able bodied, people who are ready and willing to help others at the exit doors just in case? I was one of those people. Not too bad, right? It gives you more legroom. But, right there, facing me in the flight attendant’s jump seat was her, with her tissues, sneezing and coughing! I had a feeling that I was doomed. Sure enough, 2 days later, I developed a cold. I was forced to spend a day sitting on the beach, and by the side of the pool, doing absolutely nothing!                  Aloha!

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