How to Stay Hydrated During Hot Weather

You may not be able to beat the heat, but you can overcome its effects on your body. As temperatures soar, you need to prepare yourself and remain hydrated. It's your best insurance policy against sunstroke and heat exhaustion. Protect yourself. Follow these tips when you're trying to give your body what it needs the most as the thermometer hits mercury-breaking levels.

Avoid Thirst

It's important to hold thirst at bay when the heat settles in. Thirst means your body doesn’t have enough water. Water, necessary for human life, maintains your body's internal temperature, combatting the temperature around you. It keeps your blood circulation going at optimal levels, and it flushes your system of toxins while supplying nutrients to your organs. Don't ignore your body's needs. Give yourself plenty of fluids as you prepare for your day. Carry a water bottle with you and take sips throughout the day. And remember to refill. Drink BEFORE you feel thirsty.

Planning To Be Active?  Have a Plan

If you like to be physically active regardless of the temperature, you need to gear up. Drink water before you start your workout. Keep drinking during your exercise. And hydrate some more when you're done. The more active you are, the more water you’ll need. You'll find yourself drinking it down with no problem. Give your body as much as it wants, increasing your intake when your fitness regimen is high intensity for a longer duration.

Supplement with Sports Drinks

If you're really active and it's really hot, include sports drinks that contain electrolytes, and a range of six to eight percent carbohydrates. This helps maintain healthy blood sodium levels. It will also give you variety when you want more than plain water. Just don’t think that you need these drinks on a regular basis. Unless you're  an elite athlete they contain more sodium and sugar than you usually need.

Alcohol is Not Your Friend

Whether you're planning to be active or you’re simply going to be out in the heat for an extended period of time, alcohol is not a wise choice to remain hydrated. Alcohol actually causes your body fluid levels to decrease. That beer or wine cooler may sound really good while the sun is blazing overhead, but you’ll be much better off with a healthy source of fluids.

Pick Your Pleasure

When you want more than water to tempt your taste buds, be creative. Other drinks will offer you variety. Tea and coffee can help maintain healthy fluid levels in your body. Milk, juice, and soup can keep you hydrated as well. The main goal is to keep the fluids coming when the heat is on.

Load Up on Produce

Don't forget fresh fruits and vegetables. Include plenty of them in your diet when it's hot. They'll supply you with potassium and more water. They're healthy choices for snacks and meals while staying on top of hydration.

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