More Hidden Sugar


You decided to work on your diet and you've been doing well. You're working towards a healthy diet and clean eating. Maybe you're even considering goals like a 5K walk or run, perhaps an exercise group. The problem is, you've been told by your doctor and/or nutritionist that your sugar levels are still not in a good range. You've removed soda, processed sugars, and sweets. Now you're left wondering where the hell that sugar is coming from.

Here are a few "hidden" sources of sugar and what you need to do to remove them from your daily diet.

Coffee Drinks

You may not think about coffee when you think about hidden sugars in your diet. But the truth is, that one packet of sugar that you add without a thought can really add up during the day. You can end up with a significant amount of sugar if you drink several cups of coffee a day. On top of that, coffee drinks that are specialty drinks, (Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, etc.), may have much larger amounts of sugar than you think. You can look over the nutrition facts but remember that there may be artificial flavors that contain sugar that aren't listed separately.

Pre-Made Juices

You may think that you are being healthy by picking up a juice instead of a soft drink. The truth about pre-made juices is that many of them do not contain real juice. Most of them contain a  small  percentage of juice combined with a  large amount of sweeteners and sugars. This is something that many people do not consider. Their only thought is that they're enjoying a healthy fruit juice. To avoid this issue, get a juice that is organic and full juice. And check the grams of sugar on the nutrition label before you buy.

Frozen Dinners

Who thinks of frozen dinners as a hiding spot for sugars. In many cases, sugars are used as more than just a sweetener for the small dessert. Sugars can be found in most frozen dinners, even savory ones. For example, dinners like lasagna, meatloaf and salisbury steak have sugars in them to help sweeten sauces and gravy. To avoid this, make your own frozen dinners. That way you know exactly what's going into your pre-made meal. It also gives you a great "fast" food on demand option, much better than something that can be quickly heated but is probably loaded with sugar.

Pre-Made Health Drinks

Health drinks, like smoothies, are similar to pre-made juices. They may seem like a healthy choice and a good idea, but they're often not the best choice. Some smoothies contain sweetened milk in addition to sugar based yogurts and/or fruits with very high natural sugar contents. Instead, make your own health drinks, like protein based drinks and smoothies, at home. You'll know exactly what's going into your drinks and you'll be able to control the fruits and natural sugars.

There is always a healthy alternative to sugar. You don't have to go with a chemical sugar substitute. Keep that in mind as you begin to remove the sugar in these hidden sources. Don't jump to the conclusion that there are no replacement options. And definitely do not convince yourself that these hidden sources will just have to stay in your diet.

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