Say No To Stroke!

5 6 Top Body Weight Scales

There's no getting around it. For many of us getting more fit, back in shape, controlling high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc., is going to involve eating differently, moving more, and ..... LOSING WEIGHT! To keep track of your weight loss, you will need to periodically weigh yourself on a scale. How often you do that is up to you. (I certainly have advice about the issue but I'll leave that for another post.) In any case you need a really good scale. Stepping onto a scale and weighing yourself may be old school, but these top-rated scales are anything but! They are all available on Amazon.

Etekcity Digital Body Weight Scale

Not only is this one of the highest rated weight scales on Amazon, but it is also one of the most affordable. The Etekcity Digital Body Weight Scale holds up to 400 pounds. The scale is black and has a simple step and read feature. Step on the scale, you get your weight. It powers off automatically and has a low battery indicator. Etekcity has a number of popular scales. Check them out here....

EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale

The EatSmart Precision Digital Scale has an extra large display that lights up, making it easy to see. The top is strong non-slip tempered glass, and is fairly large and comfortable to stand on. It gives instant readings. Maximum weight is 400 pounds. For more EatSmart Precision scales, go here ...

EatSmart Precision GetFit Digital Body Fat Scale

I use the EatSmart Precision GetFit Digital Body Fat Scale. It stores personal data for up to 8 people, and has auto recognition technology. It knows who you are when you step on the scale. Cool! It has a sleek, black, low profile design. And it was easy to set up.

Balance High Accuracy Bathroom Scale

The Balance High Accuracy Bathroom Scale is very accurate, has a back-lit LCD, and includes a great 5 year warranty. It has a low profile, making it easy to store anywhere when not in use. It holds up to 400 pounds and uses four different sensors for highly accurate readings. Find more Balance scales here ....

GoWise USA Body Fat Scale

In addition to your weight, the GoWise USA Body Fat Scale also estimates your body fat. Even when your weight doesn't go down, you can follow your body fat, as well as your water density and muscle and bone mass. This scale is made of black tempered glass and holds up to 400 pounds. It has an LCD display with a blue LED blacklight, making it easy to see, day or night. It also contains memory function to store up to 8 user profiles.

GoWise USA Electronic Personal Digital Scale

Here is another GoWise USA weight scale, the Electronic Personal Digital Scale. It measures only your weight, and is more affordable. it holds up to 400 pounds. The scale is black with a wide, comfortable platform. It is plastic with an appearance similar to black leather. Once calibrated it has an auto-on, auto-off function. For more GoWise USA body scales, check here ...

I hope you enjoy, and use, this information. The feedback you receive from weighing yourself regularly can go a long way toward motivating you to continue. Now go buy a scale, use it to get fit, and Say NO To Stroke!