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Say No To Stroke and Alzheimer’s in 2019

How did you do in 2018? Did you eat a brain healthy diet? Some of the time? More of the time than you did in 2017?  Did you exercise? Regularly? Did you sleep 7 hours a night? Did you work on your social connections? Did you keep a positive attitude? Did you stay mentally active? […]

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How To Sneak Healthy Benefits Into Your Holiday Social Calendar

Have you been feeling pressured to meet for cocktails, cookies, and other less than healthy fare during this busy holiday season? Feel like you’ve been cheating on your diet, and giving up the healthy habits you worked so hard to cultivate? Getting together with friends and family for season gatherings doesn’t have to be  a […]

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Partner Up for Holiday Sanity and Fitness

    Where would Batman be without Robin? After all, they are the Dynamic Duo.   Why not get your own superhero sidekick to help you bash the blues and fight the fat during the holidays? You’re not the only person who experiencing stress, anxiety and weakened willpower during the holidays. Seeing the end of one year and the […]

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