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Say No To Stroke and Alzheimer’s in 2019

How did you do in 2018? Did you eat a brain healthy diet? Some of the time? More of the time than you did in 2017?  Did you exercise? Regularly? Did you sleep 7 hours a night? Did you work on your social connections? Did you keep a positive attitude? Did you stay mentally active? Did you manage your stress? Did you protect […]

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Happy Healthy Holidays -1

​During this Thanksgiving weekend, I know that many of you are decorating.That may mean climbing stairs and ladders inside and outside your home — going up to the attic and down to the basement to get those decorations. Then attaching them to pillars, railings, gutters, and roofs…While you’re doing that remember to keep safety in […]

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Summer Injuries

We don’t want to have a stroke and we don’t want to develop dementia. That’s why we’re working on incorporating the “10 Steps” into our daily lives. Let’s look at step #8 — Protect Your Head. (I would direct you to the “8. Protect Your Head” page but it isn’t finished yet.) I’m sure you’ve heard […]

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