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For A Strong Immune System, Do These 5 Things

We all have an immune system that protects us from foreign substances that could harm the body. Some people’s bodies are better than others at fighting foreign substances, AKA antigens. Antigens include bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi. When those organisms are detected by the body, they trigger the immune system, which works to destroy the […]

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2020, COVID-19, Quarantine 15

Happy New Year and goodbye to 2020! Most people would probably describe 2020 as a pretty bad year. Certainly there were some shining moments. Some people graduated from high school, college, grad school… Others got married. Babies were born. Yes, good things happened but everything was overshadowed by COVID-19 and the need for social distancing […]

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First Step Toward Optimal Brain Health

How have you been spending the last three months? Have you been: eating more comfort foods? isolated from family and friends? unable to get to the gym to work out? one of the “Essentials” working and worrying about getting sick? None of those are healthy, not for your body or your brain. Let’s look at […]

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Are Your New Year’s Fitness Goals Attainable?

We’ve all done it — set a New Year’s fitness resolution and given it up after a few weeks or months. But have you ever stopped to consider why you gave up? Most likely it was because your goal was either too lofty or not well defined. Next time you set a fitness goal, make […]

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Say No To Stroke and Alzheimer’s in 2019

How did you do in 2018? Did you eat a brain healthy diet? Some of the time? More of the time than you did in 2017?  Did you exercise? Regularly? Did you sleep 7 hours a night? Did you work on your social connections? Did you keep a positive attitude? Did you stay mentally active? […]

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