5 Top DVD Workout Videos

I prefer to exercise at home. My workouts have to be short -- almost always 30 minutes or less. I prefer minimal equipment -- a mat, dumbbells, some days a jump rope. For weeks at a time I do bodyweight exercises using no equipment. I may do a set of alternating workouts for several weeks and then switch to something else. Sometimes I hit a stretch where I haven't figured out what to do next. At times like that I go to a DVD workout video.

Here are 5 of my favorite DVD workout videos.....

Zumba Incredible Slimdown DVD System

I love Zumba! In case you're not familiar with Zumba, it's a relatively high intensity workout based on dance moves. If you want a good, and fun, cardio workout, you can do it in your own home with this DVD set. It contains 5 different workout DVDs geared toward different experience levels. With the Super Cardio Dance Party they claim you can burn up to 1,000 calories. I don't know about that. But you will burn fat and calories, and you'll be having a good time doing it.

Of course it's fun to go to a class and share the energy. But if you don't have the time, or the money, or the confidence, or whatever, do it at home.

Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred

This is a best-selling product on Amazon for a reason. Over 6,000 people have posted reviews on Amazon. Why? Because Jillian Michaels has put together some of her best workouts in this 30 Day Shred workout DVD set. It includes 3 levels to follow in order to achieve the best results. Start with the level 1 DVD which goes through the basic moves. Follow the workout schedule, do as much of each workout as you can, and pay attention to her nutrition tips.

Focus T25 Shaun T

Focus T25 is a workout program by Shaun T, a popular Beachbody workout provider. This system requires just 25 minutes a day. The program includes 11 workouts, all 25 minutes long, (my kind of workout program).

There's also a Fast Track Guide along with tips for staying on track. It's one of the more expensive bundles, but it contains the most workouts. And like other Shaun T programs, put in the effort and you will get results!

Hip Hop Abs DVD Workout

If you're looking for a good, fun way to get abs at home, the Hip Hop Abs Workout DVD set by Beachboy is an excellent choice. Skip doing the 100 crunches a day. Instead try this DVD set. It contains 3 DVDs and a total of 10 workouts. They work your entire body, not just your abs. Also included: a 30 day workout calendar, tape measure, nutrition guide, and a measurement card.

10000 Steps Weight Loss Walk On

For a less intense workout, consider the 10,000 Steps Weight Loss - Walk On DVD. You'll get your 10,000 steps in just with the DVD. Each walk is about 15 minutes long, and 1 mile in distance. There are several walk workouts which you can put together to create your own personal walking plan.

These walk workouts are geared toward every fitness level.

Did you find this information useful? Click the links and head over to Amazon to check out these workout DVDs.

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