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Brain Health and Neurotransmitters

​ How much do you know about brain health, neurotransmitters, and how it all works? Much of what it means for your brain to be healthy depends on the presence and action of compounds known as neurotransmitters. They are responsible for the transmission of impulses from neuron, (nerve cell), to neuron, and to muscles. This […]

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Design Your Brain

Have you ever wondered about the true potential of your brain? I’m sure you’ve heard of people who  significantly developed parts of their brain to compensate for senses they lost or never developed. Consider Ben Underwood, The Boy Who Sees With Sound, AKA The Sonar Boy. He lost both eyes to retinoblastoma, an eye cancer […]

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Make Your Brain Better In 10 Steps!

Do you realize that you can make your brain work better? Starting today? You can improve your memory, your focus and concentration, your overall brain function, your body, your whole life. How? By making a few changes in your lifestyle. Where do you begin? Well, if you haven’t already downloaded a copy of my 10 […]

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