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Lower Your High Blood Pressure With The DASH Diet

You know that your diet can affect your tendency to develop high blood pressure, but how do you know what’s safe to eat and what you should avoid? Is there a simple, easy meal plan tailored especially for people worried about their blood pressure? YES — the DASH diet! With this diet, cutting out foods […]

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Use Foods to Lower Your Risk of Dementia and Stroke

Dementia is a term that refers to illnesses and diseases that affect memory. Everyone has heard of Alzheimer’s disease. It’s the most common memory-related disease. It also affects critical thinking, problem solving, and language skills. Dementia is caused by damage to brain cells. Those cells then lose their ability to function properly and they stop […]

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Great Foods for Brain Health

Eating right for brain health might be a new concept. Most people focus on foods that will help them lose weight or give them peak performance physically. It may not occur to them to eat for their brain’s health too. From birth until death, our brain is responsible for every body function. The brain tells […]

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Good Foods For Intelligence and Brain Health

Your brain is a remarkable and complex organ that serves as the command center for every body function. It is responsible for thinking, movement, breathing… A healthy brain helps every system in your body work efficiently and as it was designed. When people think of health, they generally think first about whether they’re eating right […]

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Omega-3 Fatty Acids — You Need Them!

Omega-3 fatty acids… I’m sure you’ve heard of them. They’re important components of our diets. For the why, and how to get them into your body, read on… Omega-3 fatty acids are healthy fats that play key roles in our bodies. Up to 20% of the brain is composed of polyunsaturated fatty acids. The most […]

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Say No To Stroke and Alzheimer’s in 2019

How did you do in 2018? Did you eat a brain healthy diet? Some of the time? More of the time than you did in 2017?  Did you exercise? Regularly? Did you sleep 7 hours a night? Did you work on your social connections? Did you keep a positive attitude? Did you stay mentally active? […]

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