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Dietary Supplements — The Answers 2

  Did you get the answer to question number 1 right? Let’s look at number 2….. Supplements must be approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, (the FDA, or USFDA), before being sold…..FALSE! How about number 3….. The regulation of supplements is the same as drugs/medicines…FALSE again! In 1994 the Dietary Supplement Health and […]

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The Dangers of Long Distance Flights

Well, if you have been receiving the “Say No To Stroke!” newsletter, you know that I recently traveled to Kauai, Hawaii. Before and during my trip I took the time to thoroughly research the latest and greatest info and tips to stay healthy. I used them all and passed them on to you in the […]

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What Is Wrong With The American Diet?

By now you have read the “10 Steps”. We are going to examine each step in greater detail starting with diet. (If you haven’t received your copy, sign up for the “Say No To Stroke!” email newsletter. Once you confirm your email address you’ll receive your copy of the “10 Steps”.) How many of those […]

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