6 Tips to Help You Sleep Better

You know that a good night's sleep will make a huge difference. But what if with everything that's going on you're just not getting that quality sleep you know you need? What can you do? 

Here are 6 simple lifestyle changes to try starting today. Experiment. See what works for you.

1. Avoid eating late at night

The jury's still out on whether the time of day you eat those calories makes a difference in terms of weight loss. But in terms of letting your body settle down to get ready for sleep it does make a difference. Eat more earlier in the day and eat smaller meals as you prepare for sleep. 

2. Establish a routine

This will be a tough one if you work different hours every day or if you're a student who stays up late studying.Whatever your reasons are for not following a regular routine when it comes to sleep, do your best to start a routine that allows you to wake up at the same time each day as often as possible.

3. Don't sleep in

It's tempting on the days you don't have to get up early but don't do it! The more you sleep in just because you can, the harder it will be to get back into your new sleep routine.

4. Control your light exposure

During the day spend as much time as possible in light environments. Avoid dark rooms with no windows. Do the opposite at night. Close curtains, dim the lights and get your mind and body ready for sleep.

5. Be active during the day

Wake up early and go for a run or walk. Work out to a DVD after class or work.Make some form of exercise a part of your daily regimen and you'll sleep better.

6. Eat a healthy diet

You can't run away from a healthy diet. Make small changes in the foods you choose like cutting out bad fats and excess carbs. You'll get better quality sleep while greatly improving your overall health.

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