Avoid Holiday Weight Gain!

Every year around the holidays people tend to put on weight. Some start gaining as early as September and October, when they start planning, buying and then putting out Halloween candy. It continues through Thanksgiving to the new year, finally stopped by the thought of New Year’s resolutions.

If you want to get in shape or even think you might want to lose a few pounds or get just a little more fit, you should take steps NOW. Avoid gaining a lot of weight during the holidays. It will make achieving that summer body much more likely and attainable.

Let's not forget that keeping added pounds to a minimum will keep your body and brain healthier reducing your risk of stroke, dementia, heart attack, etc.

Choose The Right Foods

One problem with holiday foods is that we eat so much of them. A second issue is that they contain a lot of sugars and carbs. This is especially true around Halloween when so many of the "foods" are candy and chocolate.

At Thanksgiving there’s turkey, but there’s also stuffing, potatoes, sauces, casseroles, rolls, desserts, etc. Pies are in abundance and the carb loaded sides are stacked high.

With Christmas comes a similar situation but added to the mix, (as if we needed anything else), are chocolate, cookies, hot chocolate and more. Of course, many of these things are traditional or at least common place which makes them impossible to avoid.

So what’s the key to keeping yourself in check during the holidays? It isn’t to outright deny yourself any of the foods you want to eat. Instead limit them to a reasonable amount within a reasonable timespan.

That being said, there are some better options for foods that you can focus on to allow you to eat more and stay within a certain calorie limit. One of the main ones is meats, especially poultry.

Chicken and turkey are commonly eaten on holidays. You can load up a bit more on these and less on the sides and desserts. Try staying away from fried foods and less healthy meats like ham.

Another thing to focus on more is vegetables. Many people don’t prepare vegetables very well. That is unfortunate as they can be delicious with the right seasoning and roasting methods. They pair well with poultry while keeping your carbs and calories low.

When it comes to desserts opt for fruit based desserts. An apple pie may not be the healthiest, but it’s a little bit better than many of the sugar laden alternatives. Even going with the apple pie remember that dessert is fine in moderation but don’t go overboard.
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